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Maciej Haufa

Graduate of the State Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan (diploma in painting in 1973) Later an academic teacher, a professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan.

Maciej Haufa rarely revealed the results of his artistic investigations, though he worked intensively and systematically. He belonged to those artists who contested the institutional circulation of art who chose non-participation, the presence of discreet, diligently guarded privacy.

He did not seek exhibitions, and cut down and reduced to the minimum necessary to participate in the so-called. artistic life. He treated art very seriously, as he wrote in his texts, giving it knowledge and feeling.

"My standing in art comes from faith. I explain the art of life, creation, the ability to know. For art there is no announcement, there is no modern or medieval. There is no pre- or pro-. There is no blue, no red, neither vertical nor horizontal. There is a dilemma of understanding, narrative, morality and competence. (...) I show the world narrowed down, perhaps to the perception limit. This barely visible border is intended to provoke an attempt to see an objectively non-existent image. "

Fascinated by Kasimir Malevitch he drew, painted, made graphics, mostly mezzotint and dry needles, created collages and special objects, including art and video books.

He confronted in his utterances the sacred and profane, sophisticated metaphysics with trivial quotes from the everyday reality in which he lived and which he watched closely.

His work has now, after his death in 2006, being shown to the public. The Piekary Gallery in Poznan showed his work in 2017. His work is included in the Polish National collection, notably the Zacheta collection in Warsaw.

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